Our Data Center
The key to the consistency of web hosting is dependent completely on the datacenter.
Our paying attention in depth to our data centre is our key to reliability and success. We give the optimum technical environment to our chief Cloud Hosting Platform.
We operate via dedicated Manchester data center; Reynolds House. Over here, highest standard for networking equipment and servers are provided.

Reynolds House

Reynolds house is situated at the outskirts of Manchester city centre at the Manchester Techno Park. Reynolds is a devoted data centre building and the biggest building in North West of high-specification data centre.
From the ground floor Reynolds house, we run our Cloud hosting platform. Externally the electricity is provided by various routes from a major electricity board substation.
two 2MW generators are capable of supplying fuel for seven days with full ability to sustain long hours of power outages to ensure a continues electricity supply, UPS in n+1 mode is present . This UPS also helps to provide the power until the generators opens.
Air conditioning is given by underneath floor cleaning and the flow of air is directed rightly by the grills present in the floor. The ability of the equipments is such that a failure of one unit can be compensated by other units.
To detect any potential fire that may develop, a full fledge VESDA system is present that acts as an early detector of the fire. To counter an unfortunate fire that may break, we have a FM 200 fire suppressor system.
We have guards on our site 24/7 to deal with any major occurrence that may happen. Key fob access, CCTV cameras and motion detection will make sure that a top level of security is maintained with various layers of defense. Since we have absolute control on our environment of hosting, we are able to provide with top class level of service.