Q. When will my account get activated once I purchase the hosting?
A. Your account gets activated within hours after you buy any hosting plan generally. However, the case differs with each case. We will take additional information in case the account is detected a scam or fraud just for the verification purposes and this may take longer. Moreover, if your IP location does not match your phone number or if your billing location does not match IP or any related issues, then it may take longer.

Q. What are the modes of payment?
A. Master Card, American Express, discover, PayPal payments and Visa are all the main credit cards that we accept. At present, we do not agree to cash transfers by SWIFT.

Q. What is the timing for customer support?
A. Our email, phone support and live chat is available twenty four hours, seven days a week, and throughout the year.

Q. What types of hosting are offered by you?
A. we offer web hosting of three various types
    1. VPS Web Hosting
    2. Shared web hosting
    3. Reseller web hosting
The home page of our website clearly mentions the detail explanation of these plans. In case you are not able to work your way through the right plan, please contact our customer support for your requirements.

Q. How can I modify my personal NAME SERVER to direct to Nwshosting.com?
A. To modify the name server to direct to Nwshosting.com you will just have to insert your domain name registrar ns1.nwshosting.com as server name 1 and for server 2, write ns2.Nwshosting.com

Q. How can my website be uploaded to my hosting?
A. For uploading the website, there are two ways
    1. by making use of file Manager inside CPANEL
    2. by making use of FTP: FileZilla program allows download of FTP freely.

Q. What is the method to determine the change of name server?
A. www.domaintools.com/yourdomain.com is the URL you can visit to view the current Name Server.

Q. What is the method to transfer my domain to your company of hosting?
A. We do not accept the domain transfer but you can direct your domain to us by making the change in the Name Server.